A few years ago I read Glamcult for the first time. I was directly sold. Glamcult Independent Style Paper is a magazine with good pictures. There are also interviews, music albums and film tips.

 In the latest Glamcult is a photo essay called: You’ve got the wrong lipstick, mister. The model is a guy, but he wears a lot of make up and feminine poses are put in the picture. The poses are not ‘masculine’ and with the makeup it makes you wonder: Is this a girl or a boy?

Glamcult Independent Style Paper is a Dutch and free magazine founded in 2003 by Rogier Vlaming and Wiebe de Ridder. Glamcult focuses on fashion, film, music, art and youth culture. You can find it hroughout the whole country. You can find it, for example, in bookstores, clothing stores and cafes.



 We made standards for men and women in the fashion industry, but also in real life. What you can and cannot wear. But this photos show that we change this additude and that we don’t mind. If you take a look in fashion magazines, you see that masculinity and femininity become closer and closer. And that’s really cool!

 You see a photo shoot and you wonder whether it’s a boy or a girl. We come off the standard poses associated with masculinity or femininity. It has been a long time seperated and clear so we want to stop it. I think this is a reaction of the limits we have set for men and women. This may mean for the future that men and women become equal and that you are as an individual more important. The question is: are you a man or a woman? But more importantly is.. Who are you?


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